Thirty-three. I have always been an analyzer, an observer; I’ve tended toward contemplation with a sprinkling of impulsion. I am interested in all of it, it being living. My thirty-third year of life came to a close this week. In typical fashion of reflection, this year has been a period of intense study in which …

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Wapack & Back

I was a nervous wreck most of the week. It has been a long several years since I've raced in an ultramarathon and I wanted to finish with strength left in my body and joy spilling out of my heart. I knew the trail was hard and technical throughout with steep climbs and even steeper …

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snakes for SPRING!

all winter I dream slithering ribbons in dirt the sun is here now.


Past Lives

My family's lineage was recently traced back to the 1100s (the English keep immaculate records). It was discovered that we were from a small Viking village in Dent, England. Dent is now a protected forest land and all of this makes a lot of sense to me. Sometimes, when I'm on a particularly fun trail or …

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Ocean Dwelling

Nine days without running. Nine days of sitting on a beach and swimming in the water. Nine days of sitting with my full internal world with nothing else to do but to listen and feel and practice the fine art of watching storms pass. Nine beautiful days of sand and water and sun and my …

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Trail Etiquette

I stop for dogs. I don't care if I'm running on a quick downhill or an exhausting uphill, or if I'm on a smooth and groovy, wave-like trail, I stop. When I see a fluffy (or not fluffy, or an in-between amount of fluffiness) puppy (all dogs are puppies), I am instantly focused on asking …

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Ultra Eyes

I've done some scary things in 2016- left my career as a mental health therapist, the hubby and I moved from New Mexico to Massachusetts, we made the bold decision to remain childfree, and I delved back into the uncertainties of "exploring" as far as career goes.  These leaps have been all at once empowering and …

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  A thin layer of snow crunching under my footsteps, the wind becoming known as the trees lend their physical presence and the sunlight gently peeking through the evergreen needles. My senses are awake and my busy mind is losing its podium to the roots, rocks, steep climbs and fast descents. Gratitude and awe creep …

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Allow me to introduce myself…

Welcome! My name is Carly and I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast through all the best parts of my life. For a quick catch up: I currently live in Massachusetts with my ridiculously supportive and trail-savvy husband, our super trail-savvy 13yo dog and our two very non-trail savvy cats. I’m transitioning careers from a mental health therapist to …

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