Allow me to introduce myself…

Welcome! My name is Carly and I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast through all the best parts of my life.

For a quick catch up: I currently live in Massachusetts with my ridiculously supportive and trail-savvy husband, our super trail-savvy 13yo dog and our two very non-trail savvy cats. I’m transitioning careers from a mental health therapist to [insert latest idea here] all while trying to find my way to as many grassy ridgelines as possible to give my neck a break from looking up at trees and down at shrubs. I love anything that gets me outside in the mountains, but I tend to favor spending most of my time running through the woods.

From the beginning: Two beautiful hippies turned yuppies brought me into this world while they were living life in California with my brother. I’m told I explored the Redwoods, Yosemite and the Sierras before I entered kindergarten (I wish I remembered first hand…childhood amnesia is a serious bummer). From there we moved to the colorful state of Colorado where I furthered my relationship with the outdoors through hiking, snowboarding, shoddy tree fort construction and some questionably kid-safe biking adventures. After 7 beautiful years of Colorado those same hippies turned yuppies decided it was time for a change and (for some reason that I will never fully understand) we ended up in Florida. I had a short stint of trying to get into ocean activities, however, premature exposure to the movie JAWS seems to have left a trauma scar that never quite healed. Thus, most of my time in Florida was a dead space for outdoor sports with the exception of graduate school in Tallahassee where they have hills and some decent trail systems. Prior to graduate school, I left Florida after my undergraduate degree was finished and booked it to Appalachia country, North Carolina. It was there that I rekindled my love of trails. Mountain biking, hiking, and a new addition-trail running, became my weekly routine with likely too much brewery time in between. Needless to say my second stint in Florida was much more fun, but alas I never wanted to stay. North Carolina for a short while again and then soon after, New Mexico. OH, New Mexico. That state is B-E-A-U-tiful. I began trail running more religiously (with a few 40k runs and one 50k race and oodles of 15k fun runs), mountain biked and bouldered less, backpacked and hiked more. Six years of pristine New Mexico wonderland and POOF! I’m back on the east coast (New England this time) wondering which way is north while I stand among all the trees.



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