Other Projects

For the last several years I’ve been running differently. I like to feel as though I am not just putting in miles to feel good about logging more each week, I like to use long training runs to explore my surroundings. Below are some of my current ideas and projects.

5/13/17 – Wapack and Back Trail Race. A 43-mile out and back on the Wapack trail which is a shorter traverse of the many traverse trails up in NE. This trail has one state line crossing (MA to NH).—completed

6/22/17- Presi Traverse. 20 mile, 8.5k of vert trail through the presidential peaks in NH. —completed

11/4/17- Deadman Peak 50miler. Race along the CDT in northern(ish) New Mexico. —cancelled due to cross country move

Ongoing- 14ers of Colorado. So far I have done 5 out of 56…so many more to go. Before summer is completely over I have plans to do 3 more (Evans, Grays, Torreys).