Other Projects

For the last several years I’ve been running differently. I like to feel as though I am not just putting in miles to feel good about logging more each week, I like to use long training runs to explore my surroundings. Since I’m new to New England I seem to have lots of exploring to do. Below are some of my current ideas and projects.

5/13/17 – Wapack and Back Trail Race. A 43-mile out and back on the Wapack trail which is a shorter traverse of the many traverse trails up in NE. This trail has one state line crossing (MA to NH). I will be focusing on this run through the winter and spring, prior to the Presi Traverse in the Summer.

Beginning in February until complete: Metacomet-Monadnock Trail is another, longer traverse trail running from the bottom of MA (it actually is part of the New England National Scenic Trail (NET) and I’m thinking of adding in the CT portion-about 100 miles of trail- if I can fit it in) and it ends in NH. The MA-NH portion is 114 miles in total. I’ve run a portion of it called the Seven Sisters and was impressed (and humbled) with the constant steep climbs and quick drops that left me hella-exhausted mentally and physically. I plan to run as much as I can of this traverse trail during my long training runs if logistics work out okay. Luckily, I have an amazingly supportive husband who has agreed to help me with a few of my 26-31 milers. I could have signed up for a race, but I’m completely uninspired with the idea of running multiple loops of the same trail just to get a particular mileage and that is what seems to be available up here in late winter/early spring.

I’ll give updates on my progress with M-M trail as it becomes a thing.